Weissner Bearings was born in Mexico City since 2011, coming from Frankfort, Germany with experience in the supply of bearings, gears, bearings, pulleys and industrial sealing since 1992. We focus on the cement, food, construction, military, textile, production machinery and drilling in general.

Established in Mexico and Germany to provide solutions in general industry on special and general parts with the objective of providing the best quality, logistics, service and price.

Our concern is that our customers are not only satisfied, but also to teach the new models of quality, authenticity and logistics that we have in Germany today, to avoid bad quality or hidden defects, that the product is verified of its true origin and/or well manufactured, as well as – the most important – logistics.

For Weissner Bearings, on-time delivery and customer service are our top priority; not only for the sake of keeping our customers, but for the sake of our commitment to you and your projects, productions and companies.


Our Mission

To give the customer the best service, variety and quality in industrial bearings - both for line parts as well as for special orders.


Our Vision

To offer the best service experience in order to be a fully responsible company that is a leader in innovation and quality to form lasting relationships with you - our customers.


Our Values

- Personalized service
- Commitment
- Passion
- Innovation and renovation
- Honesty and transparency
- Superior quality.
- Excellence

"This makes us a company of our word, where our word is our best endorsement and advertisement."

Come and see for yourself what sets us apart. But above all, so that we can earn the most valuable thing: your trust.

– Sincerely, Sarah Weissner.
General Manager and International Coordinator


We are a company with clearly established professional and personal ethics. We focus on dealing honestly, transparently and respectfully with all our customers, employees and suppliers in order to guarantee a favorable working environment to ensure the quality of our products and on-time delivery.

Social commitment:

We care not only for our customers but also to leave our mark on society. That is exactly why:

  • We care for the elderly by providing continuous visits to nursing homes in order to increase their quality of life.
  • We are actively involved in the rescue, recovery process and finding a good home for abused and/or stray animals.
  • We focus on providing Christmas visits to homes in order to guarantee a pleasant Christmas and gifts for the children.
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